To contact us:

The Reverend Ian Sparks
Ring 01422 884421

Assistant Minister
The Reverend Martin Macdonald
Ring 07777 69 1347

  Welcome to St Mary’s Church 
  High Street, Luddenden, HX2 6PX

            serving the communities of Booth, Kershaw,
             Luddenden, Luddendenfoot and  Midgley

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Our Mission Statement
This church is here to glorify God
and experience Jesus Christ in worship.
We seek to do this by being a welcoming and caring family
in which all members play their part.

Our desire is to find out more about the love of God
and to share that love.

St. Mary's is here to help people find God.
A Prayer for this Week

'Welcome one another, therefore, just as Christ has welcomed you,
for the glory of God.' (Romans 15:7)

Welcoming God,
with the silent welcome of Zechariah
with the fearful welcome of the angel
with the sung welcome of an excited mother
with the confused welcome of a surprised father
with the embraced welcome of a pregnant cousin
with the curious welcome of night-shift shepherds
we welcome you, the light of the world,
into our lives and our homes this Advent.