To contact us:

The Reverend Ian Sparks
Ring 01422 884421

Assistant Minister
The Reverend Martin Macdonald
currently on sabbatical
Ring 07777 69 1347

  Welcome to St Maryís Church 
  High Street, Luddenden, HX2 6PX

            serving the communities of Booth, Kershaw,
             Luddenden, Luddendenfoot and  Midgley

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Our Mission Statement
This church is here to glorify God
and experience Jesus Christ in worship.
We seek to do this by being a welcoming and caring family
in which all members play their part.

Our desire is to find out more about the love of God
and to share that love.

St. Mary's is here to help people find God.
A Prayer for this Week

thank you for sending Jesus to be one of us
and to show us how you want us to live.†
Thank you that He chose to live for us
and to die for us.†
Thank you that when He returned to you,
He didnít leave us to flounder
but sent us His Spirit to live in us
and to equip us to continue the work He had begun.†
Thank you for that Day of Pentecost
when the Spirit became freely available
to everyone who believes in Jesus
and is willing to receive Him.†
May we be willing Lord, willing and confident
that whatever challenges life throws at us,
we can face them and overcome them
because you are with us and in us.
Please fill us afresh daily with your Spirit,
that we may overflow with your love and peace and joy.
In Jesusí name, Amen.

  The church is open
  all day for prayer
  today and every day.
A Garden Party -
coming soon!!